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  • 12 Stem Red Rose Bouquet

The Product Detail for Roses

The roses have one blossom for every stem.

Unless indicated by us, the rose stem will in most cases be at least 40 cm, which is equivalent to 15.5 inches. Each bunch of roses we ship has 25 stems.

Each bunch encompasses a total of row layers to allow safety amid the shipping process. The roses are arranged in a manner that at a glance, you get the impression of only 12 rose stems for every bunch shipped; however, there is an underlying layer that has another 13 roses. The arrangement is also to reduce the bulk and enhance safety during shipment. 

Our roses are shipped in the form of a bud. By the time we are done processing the rose and having them hydrated, the bloom will open into a larger size.

Roses tend to be extremely fragile and might easily get destroyed during transportation; to curb such instances, we transport our roses with the guard petals, which explains why they might appear distorted and bruised on arrival. When you are set to process the roses, you might have to at least remove eight safety petals for every rose to disclose the pristine standard rose blossom.

The roses can live up to 8 days when provided with proper care and handling. Since the flowers grow mostly naturally hence might have different color tonnes and bloom size.

The availability, weather conditions, and level of demand are the key factors determining the price of our roses.

When you place an order, we will ship the flowers on the within the agreed time. They might look withered and tired; this is normal. Feel free to refer to our care tab to learn some helpful tips on care and handling directions.

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12 Stem Red Rose Bouquet

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